Binh Minh celebrates 13 years of establishment and opens the VSIP II – A packaging factory

On November 26, 2020, Binh Minh Packaging Joint Stock Company jubilantly celebrated 13 years of establishment and opened a bag factory. envelope VSIP II – A, Binh Duong province.

Hình ảnh sự kiện của buổi lễ ngày 26 tháng 11 vừa qua
Ban Lãnh đạo bao bì Bình Minh Plus trong lễ kỷ niệm 13 năm thành lập và khai trương nhà máy mới tại KCN VSIP II - A
Hình ảnh Ban lãnh đạo công ty chuẩn bị cắt băng khánh thành nhà máy mới
Ban Lãnh đạo Công ty CP Bao bì Bình Minh Plus cắt băng khánh thành nhà máy VSIP II - A
Bình Minh Plus trao quà cho các công nhân có gia đình ở miền Trung đã chịu ảnh hưởng của bão và lũ lụt vừa qua
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The event celebrates the 13th anniversary of the establishment and opening of a VSIP II – A branch packaging factory Dawn Packaging Corporation < span style = "font-weight: 400;"> has attracted the attention of the press. At the same time, there are also representatives of major brands in the FMCG industry, beverages, cosmetics, …

Founded in 2004 with the company’s name Thinh Duong until 2007 changed its name to a joint stock company Packaging Binh Minh. Binh Minh has continuously innovated technology and thinking to keep pace with the rapid development of the times. Thanks to that, we are able to stand up to today and become one of the leading manufacturers of flexible flexible packaging in Vietnam.

 {% ALT_TEXT%} The ceremony also features representatives of major brands from different industries [/ caption]

Inauguration of VSIP II – A packaging factory in Binh Duong

So, up to this point, Binh Minh has invested in two packaging factories with capacity big.

  • Factory in Tan Phu Trung Industrial Park, Cu Chi District, HCMC: Size 10 < span style = "font-weight: 400;">. 000m 2 , capacity 35-40 tons / day, inaugurated on June 26, 2020.
  • Factory in VSIP II Industrial Park – A, Tan Uyen Ward, Binh Duong Province: Size 12.000m 2 , capacity 35-50 tons / day, inaugurated on November 26 / 2020.

When the two factories came into operation, the capacity reached 2,100 tons / month. With a large production capacity, Binh Minh is confident to be able to meet the needs of domestic customers to use packaging and aim for a potential export market.

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The production process is closed and safe

In Binh Minh, our production activities are strictly followed by a closed process. Accordingly, the staff involved in the production process must ensure compliance with the regulations on labor safety and food safety. Along with that, from importing raw materials, importing finished products, manufacturing to delivery, all are designed in accordance with Japanese 5S standards.

Along with that, we have a quality control department responsible for helping to control product quality in production process, and also periodic sampling as well as testing of quality control systems.

Over the past few years, Binh Minh has constantly strived to produce quality packaging products. As a result, our products are highly appreciated by fastidious overseas markets such as the US, Japan, UK, France, Poland and other European countries.

Binh Minh invested in a modern production line

One of the important factors that help Binh Minh’s packaging products always ensure quality is thanks to the system. modern machinery with German technology.

Accordingly, the production technologies used by Binh Minh meet international standards such as: < / p>

  • Electronic color stacked gravure printer
  • Coating machine
  • Solvent dry laminator
  • Solvent-free dry draw laminator
  • Testing machine, bonding tester
  • Bag making machine
  • Slitting machine
  • Blowers 3 layers, 5 layers, …

In addition, Binh Minh’s factory in Tan Phu Trung Industrial Park and VSIP II – A Industrial Park has about 250 engineers and highly skilled workers. All of them support complex and diversified production to meet even the most demanding of customers.

 {% ALT_TEXT%} The factory meets the international standards of Binh Minh Packaging [/ caption]

Achievements Binh Minh achieved in 13 years of development

  • 2011: Acquired ISO 9001 – 2008 certification;
  • 2014: Received HACCP and GMP certification, food safety certificate;
  • 2017: Acquired ISO 9001-2015 certification.
  • 2020: Received a BRC issue 6
  • certificate

The celebration of the 13th anniversary of establishment and opening of VSIP II – A packaging factory closed in the joy of Binh Minh with our guests.

In the future, Binh Minh will make more efforts to develop the company and meet the demand. use of customer complex flexible packaging. At the same time, towards sustainable development to protect the environment and improve the quality of human life.

Contact Binh Minh Packaging Joint Stock Company:

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  • Address: 42 Kha Van Can, Quarter 3, Hiep Binh Chanh Ward, Thu Duc District, City. HCM
  • Tan Phu Trung factory: Lot A 5-7, Road N3, Tan Industrial Park Phu Trung, Cu Chi, TP. Ho Chi Minh City
  • VSIP II Factory: No. 12, Road 26, Vsip IIA Industrial Park, Vinh Tan Ward, Tan Uyen, Binh Duong Province
  • Website: https://baobibinhm Vacations
  • Email: sales@baobibinhm Vacations
  • Hotline: (028) 66. 756. 588