History of how Vietnam packaging industry has formed and developed?

When was the packaging born? And how to develop to this day? Let Binh Minh Packaging Company learn about the history of packaging through the content of this article right away.

History of the packaging industry

In the past, people knew how to use leaves to pack and store foods and foods. Later, people also make use of bark, animal skins to make baskets of food and transport it from the forest to preserve.

The first form of packaging is from the leaves

But these materials were only used to hold solid foods, not liquid, so people began to create a new type of ceramic packaging. From here, ceramic packaging was born in the 15th century. This type of packaging includes all kinds of dishes, .. used to contain food.

Although the type of ceramic packaging is easy to break down and reuse is quite limited, but it still promotes its effects on humans. And bring some advantages such as: no environmental pollution, non-toxic to water, air, no danger, ..

By 1550 BC, glass packaging was born to replace the defects of ceramic packaging. Because glass packaging has been used in Egypt, has been used and has the ability to regenerate due to being recovered and recycled. But this causes many difficulties for users, because regeneration has a significant impact on the air and soil environment.

Therefore, today, glass packaging is applied to produce with new, more advanced technologies, producing many types of models with various designs, diversified and aesthetic. and high quality.

After a few more 3000 years, paper packaging began to appear in China. This type of packaging is created to bring together all of the outstanding advantages compared to the above mentioned types of ceramic and glass packaging, which can be recovered, recycled, and conveniently circulated. Therefore, paper packaging was applied and developed by countries continuously until the beginning of the industrial revolution.

By 1825, aluminum packaging appeared, but at this time the price was quite expensive so the refining of aluminum became difficult. Later, the aluminum smelting method improved, so the price was reduced and used for many purposes.

By the mid-19th century, scientists found artificial plastics and were working to find more superior compounds. At this time, plastic plastic packaging was born.

Vietnam’s packaging industry has gone through many different stages to meet consumers

The classification forms have formed in the development history of packaging

Over the course of development to the present day, the history of packaging industry has grown increasingly diverse with many different types of packaging. Each type is appropriate to use for each field and purpose. As follows:

Classified by utility criteria

Transport packaging: a type of packaging works to protect intact quality and quantity of products, serving the process of transporting products from production to consumers. Depending on the type of packaging can be recovered or not, its value is calculated in each part or immediately the value of the product consumed.

Internal packaging: is the type of packaging used to directly pack products and goods, sold with the same product. So the value of packaging is added to the value of the product sold.

Classification by properties (hard, soft)

Hard packaging: is a type of packaging capable of withstanding the external mechanical impact, the load of the product inside and keeping the shape when carrying out the transportation or loading and unloading.

Soft packaging: is the type of packaging when subjected to mechanical impact will deform outside. While in transit it withstands collisions, but it is a means to convey that impact on the cargo. So this kind of soft packaging is often used for granular products, powders, without being affected by the mechanical impact of quality.

Sort by number of uses

Single-use packaging: is a type of packaging consumed with the product, serving only 1 transfer of the product from production to direct consumption. Therefore, the value of the product is taken into account.

Reusable packaging: is a type of packaging that is reusable. Usually the outer packaging, inner packaging is manufactured from sustainable materials such as plastics, metals, … The value of packaging is calculated as part of the value of consumed products.

So far the packaging has been produced with all sorts of different materials

Classification of packaging according to manufacturing materials


  • Wooden packaging
  • Metal packaging
  • Paper, carton and cardboard packaging
  • Glass and ceramic packaging
  • Textile packaging
  • Wrapping by rattan and bamboo
  • Packaging with synthetic and artificial materials: artificial rubber, polymers, plastic films, rigid plastic packaging …

Above is some information about the history of the printing industry in Vietnam as well as some of the current packaging that we have just shared. Hopefully this article will help you better understand the packaging industry from ancient times to the present day.