Packaging Binh Minh: Positioning the brand through cosmetic chemical packaging

The higher the quality of life, the more people care about their appearance. Hence, they tend to spend money on body care products. This is also the reason why cosmetic lines such as shampoo or shower gel are becoming more and more popular in today’s modern world.

The body care market segment is highly competitive and brands often rely on differentiation. packaging to create a relationship with the consumer. Grasping that, many cosmetic chemical manufacturers have launched chemical cosmetic packaging products with many unique and outstanding designs. Here are suggestions on how to create a highlight to create cosmetic packaging attracts you to refer.

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Materials for cosmetic packaging production

Cosmetic packaging must be strong and able to protect products from external factors. . Because in shampoo and shower gel contains many different chemicals, the packaging also needs to be chemically stable.

The commonly used structures for packaging products such as shampoos and shower gel are OPP / LLDPE, PET / MPET / LLDPE, PA / LLDPE, PA / PE / MPET / LLDPE … This material helps packaging with good impact resistance and durability. Therefore, they help to protect the shampoo during storage and transportation.

At the same time, the materials used are also chemically neutral so they do not react with Chemicals in shampoo, shower gel should be safe for the product contained inside. In addition, the packaging of the complex plastic film also protects the shampoo and shower gel from damage caused by exposure to external factors.

Currently, Binh Minh provides cosmetic packaging with volumes such as 10ml, 15ml … so compact and extremely convenient for users.

4 elements that make cosmetic packaging attractive

Here are some important considerations to create an attractive and safe cosmetic packaging template for you. can refer.

Strong and protective packaging

Cosmetic lines such as shampoo and shower gel are liquid products, so they should be packed safely. full. At the same time, the packaging for the shampoo should use a packaging that is strong and shock resistant. The use of such packaging materials protects the inner product from damage and contamination during transport.

Since these products contain chemicals, it is important to choose chemical resistant packaging materials. good quality. Such materials will not react with the chemicals in the product, thus preventing any contamination of the product.

Shampoos and lotions are like other cosmetic chemicals, they are very easily damaged by contact. to external factors. The packaging should therefore be carried out using materials with properties that prevent and protect the shampoo from being contaminated by moisture, oxygen, UV rays …

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Minimal and elegant packaging

Thi cosmetic school like oil The competition for shampoo and shower gel is increasingly fierce as many brands are scrambling for a “piece of cake” for market share. Investing in flexible packaging is one of the ways to help businesses reduce material costs and increase sales effectively. Because packaging has a significant impact on distinguishing products from competitors and attracting the attention of customers.

The current trend of producing cosmetic packaging is to use threeMinimalistic yet elegant envelope. Because the minimalist packaging helps the product interface become more beautiful and premium. Therefore, it is necessary to choose colors, use fonts and illustrations that are simple but still present full content.

Information on packaging is clear

There are many different types of cosmetic chemical products on the market. Each type is used for specific skin or hair conditions. There are a number of shampoos with medicinal properties that can be used by prescription. Therefore, product packaging should clearly mention the ingredients used and are suitable for the hair / skin condition.

Besides that, the date of manufacture and expiry date should also be clearly shown to avoid any experience. any customer discomfort. Since some consumers may be allergic to specific chemicals, having clear information on the packaging makes it easier for them to choose the right product.

Convenient packaging to use

Cosmetic packaging should be packaged so that it is convenient for users to open the packaging and use it. At the same time, the volume of the product inside the package should be calculated so that it is reasonable and convenient for customers to use often without causing waste.

The packaging can also be made transparent to help users see the product from the outside when buying. . This allows them to check the color or the amount of shampoo for a better purchase plan.

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Select quality packaging production in Binh Minh

Packaging Binh Minh provides solutions for the packaging of cosmetic chemical products. We are a unit specializing in manufacturing quality plastic composite film packaging for the retail industry. With more than 15 years of experience, Binh Minh is confident that its production capacity can conquer difficult markets and bring satisfaction to partners.

Certificate of Dawn achieved

  • 2011: Certified ISO 9001 – 2008;
  • In 2014: Obtained HACCP and GMP, food safety certification;
  • 2017: Acquired ISO 9001-2015 certification;
  • Year 2020: Receive certificate of BRC issue 6.

The achievements Binh Minh has received are proof of our commitment to quality. This is also the driving force that helps us always try to improve our capacity to bring the best packaging products to meet the increasingly demanding needs of customers.

Modern production line

Binh Minh uses the latest production equipment to create quality packaging products . Our investment in an advanced production line keeps us at the forefront of this highly competitive industry.

Accordingly, the modern production lines we import directly from Germany include:

  • Electronic color stacked gravure printer
  • Coating machine
  • Solvent dry laminator
  • Solvent-free dry draw laminator
  • Testing machine, bonding tester
  • Bag making machine
  • Slitting machine
  • Blowers 3 layers, 5 layers, …

In each stage of production, Binh Minh always has a team dedicated to monitoring and checking each stage. This is to ensure the packaging is of international quality and in accordance with the customer’s requirements.

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Two modern Binh Minh factories can meet the growing market demand for packaging. as well as for export sources.

  • Factory Tan Phu Trung, Cu Chi: Scale 10,000m2, capacity 35-40 tons / day. / span>
  • Factory VSIP II – A, Binh Duong: Size 12,000m2, capacity 35-50 tons / day.
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Highly skilled human resources

Not only possessing an advanced production line, but also Binh Minh has the best human resources in the industry.

Binh Minh can produce high quality packaging in a short time with low error rate thanks to the force abundant labor force, high professional qualifications and working experience. This helps us to best meet our customers’ requests and deadlines with guaranteed quality.

Thus, to be able to compete well in today’s increasingly competitive market as well as affirm the brand Brand name of the business, the investment in cosmetic packaging is essential.

With over 15 years of experience in the packaging industry, Binh Minh will always be a reliable companion. in the race to dominate the market and affirm your brand in the future. For more information please contact us at the hotline (028) 66. 756. 588 for best support.