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How do you get farmers to choose to buy your produce only through plant seed packaging? Accordingly, using packaging to promote is a great idea to set your brand apart from the competition.

However, not all businesses do well through their packaging. / span> Here are popular packaging trends, especially plant seed packaging that you can refer to.

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Seed packaging trends

  • Packaging trends for branding

Suitable and eye-catching seed packaging to help improve brand capacity, easy access with customers. The synchronization from the packaging will help users better identify the brand.

However, many businesses nowadays often ignore the packaging and assume that they are not too important. But if the seed is not in the right packaging, it can cause confusion and waste of resources.

  • Packaging trends with eye-catching designs

The quality of packaging is an important factor in determining a farmer’s purchase of crop seeds. If the packaging is unattractive and of poor quality, few people will pay attention to the product inside. Therefore, do not regret the packaging cost that makes customers doubt the quality of your seeds.

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  • Packing size is suitable for inner seed

Another mistake of many businesses is packing goods with too big packaging but the product inside is too small. This causes disappointment and brings a negative experience to consumers.

Therefore, proper seed packaging size is also very important. The proportionate packaging with the product makes it easier to access the product and customers do not feel lost when opening the packaging.

  • The trend of using “green” packaging

Many businesses today often ignore the element of seed packaging materials. Accordingly, for plant seeds, the use of “green” packaging is extremely important.

Advantages of “green” packaging:

  • Packaging is environmentally friendly material, easily biodegradable without causing pollution.
  • Reduces unnecessary chemical impacts on habitats.
  • Differentiate yourself from market competitors.
  • Increase purchasing power.
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Above is the trend of packing seed packages often applied by businesses. So how to find a reputable packaging manufacturer to cooperate? Let’s find a partner for your business below.

Produce high-quality crop seed packaging in Binh Minh

The right seed packaging makes your items more appealing to the customer and promotes engagement. brand contact. Therefore, finding a reputable packaging supplier is very important.

With over 15 years of experience in the production of complex film packaging, Minh Minh Packaging is the perfect suggestion your business is looking for.

At Binh Minh , we provide a variety of packaging with different materials such as complex plastic packaging, paper packaging (kraft paper, couche paper, …).

To make quality packaging finished products, Dawn of the Dawn has applied a lot of “special formulas”. Here are a few of the successful “recipes” we’ve used.

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Advanced production machinery

The packaging production line is always the newest and best machine. All equipment are imported 100% new from Germany and Japan. Include:

  • Electronic color stacked gravure printer
  • Coating machine
  • Solvent drying draw frame
  • Solvent-free dry draw draw frame
  • Testing machine, paste tester
  • Bag making machine
  • Splitter
  • Blower 3 layers, 5 layers, …
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High capacity factory

  • Factory 1: Scale 10,000m 2 , capacity 35-40 tons / day, in Tan Phu Trung Industrial Park, Cu Chi.
  • Factory 2: Size 12.000m2, capacity 35 – 50 tons / day, at VSIP II, Binh Duong.

Since its inception, these two factories have helped increase capacity up to 2,100 tons / month. Thanks to that, we can meet all the needs of customers all over the country.

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Certified certificate

More than 15 years of establishment and development of the brand, Dawn of has received valuable certificates, helping us to gain more and more trust and support from our customers.

  • 2011: Acquired ISO 9001 – 2008 certification;
  • 2014: Obtained HACCP and GMP, food safety certification;
  • 2017: Acquired ISO 9001-2015 certification;
  • Year 2020: Received BRC issue 6.

So, if your business is in the seed business, please pay attention to the errors in the packaging we mentioned above. more potential customers, please use premium crop seed packaging products produced by Bình Minh Plus To easily exchange information, you can contact us at the hotline (028) 66. 756. 588 . / b>