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Plants fertilizer packaging is innovating in design and print, gradually becoming a factor has an important influence on the market. With the strong attraction of packaging, businesses need to have a plan to position their brands through unique packaging designs to be able to compete well with competitors in the industry.

To learn about the type of fertilizer packaging in the agricultural sector, follow the content. below.

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3 important functions of bonsai fertilizer packaging

Visible packaging: Important product related information is highlighted on the package. For example the composition, the dosage of the fertilizer, the bonsai suitable for this fertilizer, …

Protection and storage features: For vulnerable products such as fertilizer, this feature is a requirement of the packaging. A small requirement for bonsai fertilizer packaging, is that the user will check whether the packaging is easy to use, compact and durable.

Sustainable packaging: With increasing awareness of sustainability, most As an agricultural industry, consumers are keen on packaging that is sustainable and can be recycled or reused.

These are the functions for a standard fertilizer packaging. So are there any standards for packaging specifications for this particular type of packaging? Along follow the content below offline.

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Requirements for bonsai fertilizer packaging < / h2>

When producing, fertilizers are stored in packages (50kg bags, large bags) or in bulk before shipping to distributors and customers. Packaging may also take place at the distributor’s site.

Packaging requirements for ornamental plants fertilizer include:

  • The packing material must be compatible with the fertilizer to avoid any chemical or physical reaction. Commonly used materials are Couche//Al//PE/Kraft//Al//PE;
  • The design and structure of the bag must have sufficient strength (withstand force when dropped from a height, lift and lower safely, how to arrange ant, weather, temperature, …);
  • The package must be labeled as required by law, depending on the product classification and the packaging group;
  • Make sure the information on the package is correct about the product name, nutrient content, manufacturer’s identity, identity batch for traceability, …
  • Avoid product contamination during packaging.
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With such packaging requirements, how to choose a prestigious production unit? credit at reasonable cost? The content below will be the answer for you.

Produce quality bonsai fertilizer packaging at Binh Minh Packaging

Dawn Packaging Joint Stock Company ” is one of the unitsThe leading producer of complex film packaging in Vietnam. If your business is looking for a fertilizer packaging producer for ornamental plants, is the choice. Top.

Currently, we operate in food, beverage, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries. , consumer goods, agricultural products, agricultural medicine and veterinary, frozen food, …

To go a long way as today, Binh Minh has applied its “own formulas” . We have many advantages such as:

Advanced production lines help improve product quality

Binh Minh always prioritizes and invests in modern production lines to improve quality. All of our machines are imported from Germany and Japan, including:

  • Electronic color stacked gravure printer
  • Coating machine
  • Solvent drying draw frame
  • Solvent-free dry draw draw frame
  • Testing machine, paste tester
  • Bag making machine
  • Splitter
  • Blower 3 layers, 5 layers, …

It can be said that modern equipment helps to reduce labor costs, save production time and lift High-quality packaging products. Therefore, when the packaging products arrive at customers’ hands, not only the quality but also the cost is also suitable.

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Two high capacity packaging factories

Besides investing in quality, Binh Minh also attaches special importance to improving production productivity to timely meet the needs of customers across the country. So in 2020, Bình Minh Plus has inaugurated two large-scale packaging factories.

  • Factory 1 in Tan Phu Trung Industrial Park, Cu Chi: Scale 10,000m 2 , capacity 35-40 tons / day .
  • Factory 2 in VSIP II, Binh Duong: Scale 12,000m2, capacity 35 – 50 tons / day.
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Prestigious international certificate

Founded in 2004 and with more than 15 years of operation, Binh Minh < / b> has gradually built for itself a solid position with many outstanding achievements.

  • 2011: Acquired ISO 9001 – 2008 certification;
  • 2014: Obtained HACCP and GMP, food safety certification;
  • 2017: Acquired ISO 9001-2015 certification;
  • Year 2020: Received BRC issue 6.

Thus, with the advantages of machines, available factories and processes by many organizations. credit recognition, Binh Minh can confidently accompany customers to create fertilizer packaging products ornamental plants gliderg most. For more information, please send to the email address sales@baobibinhm Vacations or hotline < / span> (028) 66. 756. 588 for fastest support.