What should be paid attention when manufacturing export packaging?

Packaging plays an extremely important role in the production, distribution and marketing processes, even in country or when exported to foreign markets. Today, people use packaging not only to store, store or describe products, but also to act as a promotional tool for the product. Packaging will be a symbolic image and an important role in making consumer purchase decisions.

For export products, the shipping and storage function of the packaging is very important. Especially if the goods have to go a long way to reach the final customers in the target market, << manufacturer of export packaging </ b> needs the following notes:

About specification requirements of export packaging


What should be produced for export packaging?

  • Packaging suitable for the type of transportation (for example, shipping by ship, truck, bulk cargoes) , containers, airplanes, etc.).
  • Packaging must be of appropriate size for ease of storage in warehouses, on pallets or container.
  • Packaging meets the requirements of durability, toughness to withstand impact, towing and pushing operations during storage, loading and transportation.
  • Packaging should be suitable for changing weather in different continents and countries. </ span >
  • Packaging must ensure product protection features to prevent goods from being deodorized, moldy and damaged broken.
  • Packaging clearly demonstrates the requirements that must be noted in the process of queuing, transporting, storing … on the packaging.

About export packaging features needed

  • Mechanical durability
  • Tensile strength
  • Transparency of packaging
  • Impact resistance during export
  • Water vapor barrier
  • Water resistance
  • Oxygen resistance
  • Heat resistance
  • Ability to retain the smell of the product
  • Resistance to light effects.
  • Safety for children and the elderly.
  • Convenience of packaging


Conquering customers in foreign markets is not easy

The above requirements are usually general requirements when manufacturing packaging or for each type of product, each commodity. Specifically. An important thing that cannot be ignored is that businesses often tend to share one type of packaging currently circulating in the domestic market to contain export products. Without careful consideration, this can lead to many serious consequences, such as being rejected by the customer for the entire shipment, not paying or delaying payment because the government or customers of the importing country love it. require the exporter to rectify the errors that have been caused, fined, and more seriously, that will worsen the image of the business to customers

In Europe, the United States, Japan, etc … they put forward packaging requirements and It is frequently updated and changed that commodity exporting enterprises need to master information to avoid damage.

About legal requirements

  • General packaging regulations for the target market including country specific rules and general market block regulation.
  • Regulations on product packaging for each industry, specific types of products such as food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, …
  • Specifies the packaging material for export: what packaging is the packaging made from? ? Paper, plastic, metal or wood? Are there specific rules for each type of packaging material? Is that material acceptable in the target market? Are there any restricted use materials? Such as PVC, plastic, etc.
  • Specific provisions on image, color, style as well as weight of packaging: image Does it reflect correctly with the product contained inside?
  • The image is anti-religious or cultural of a certain part of the user on the market. target field?
  • Rules on marking and labeling in packaging export such as language, product name, weight, ingredient / nutrition, origin, etc. </ span>
  • Regulations on export packaging related to environmental issues in the target market. </ span >
  • Other rules regarding traceability of the shipment when an incident occurs. </ span>


Packaging needs to meet many of the requirements to be able to export

Therefore, before proceeding to produce and package export goods, one of the issues that The first priority is to note and understand the packaging rules for your product line.

Producing packaging for export goods is a very important job that affects the consumption of products. We need certain knowledge about the target market that we aim to produce the most suitable packaging.

Hope this article will help you understand what you need to know about < b> export packaging and bring success to your product.